5 Things You Should Know When Preparing To Paint a Room


When painting your house, there are a few things you need to consider before employing a professional painting service. We have put together the following checklist to make sure your painting renovation is completed smoothly.

1. Have a Clear Plan For Your Home Makeover

It pays to have a design plan clear in your mind before you make a call to a painting contractor.

Decide which rooms you want to have painted. Choose a budget and then decide which colour scheme matches your furniture and the interior design of your house. If you’re uncertain about anything technical, just ask your professional local painter.

2. Find a Reliable Painter and a Reasonable Quote

When doing research into residential painting companies, there are a few things to look out for:

Experience: Most professional painters with significant tenure in the industry will provide accolades on their website about the length of their service. Look for painters that have many years’ experience.

Guarantees: Guarantees should be provided on the lifecycle of any work. These are the professional painters you should trust.

Portfolio: If you can, find a painter that displays their work proudly. Taking a look at their portfolio will give you an idea of how good the painter is and some insight into the quality of paint they use.

License: Contractors without a license can’t legally complete work or use materials valued over $5,000. We highly recommend you always hire a licensed contractor that displays their credentials.

3. Choose the Right Colour and Finish

Choosing the right colour scheme is absolutely essential to a good paint job. Colour can be overwhelming, but give some thought to using colour as opposed to white, off white or beige.

Dark colours can add texture and volume to a space, particularly in larger rooms. On the other hand, lighter colours can complement natural lighting very nicely and make a room appear brighter.

Experiment with a colour palette to see which colour you prefer for your room. When you have chosen the right colour, it’s time to prepare for painting!

4. Prepare Your Room For A Paint Job

It’s much easier to paint a room when there are no obstacles and tripping hazards at the site. It’s best practice to move furniture from the room you are painting. If this is impossible, at least remove the smaller items and move the larger items to the centre of the room. Then, cover the larger items with cloths so they don’t accidentally get paint on them. Make sure you have stored all your valuable items safety before painting commences too.

5. Convey Ideas and Communicate With Professional Painters

Once you have planned your painting renovation, found a painter, chosen the colour for your room and prepared for the job, it’s time to let your painter know what to do. Be sure to communicate clearly about how you want the job done so that your painter knows precisely what they’re doing. Have the paint ready for your contractor and the room prepared, they’ll then be able to start painting.

It might be a while between getting the quote and when the job actually starts. It is good to thoroughly go through areas needed to be painted again and confirm necessary details with the painter on the first day. Especially if you have any concerns (things that you do not want to see or happen), talk to the lead painter before job commencement is absolutely crucial to ensure better coordination and desired results.

Contact DC Painting Services for any and all residential painting work. We are fully licensed and insured and are able to provide a free quote following inspection of the property.