7 Considerations When Hiring A Residential Painting Company


Renovating the home you live in is an extremely popular choice for home owners. Whether the job is large like a bathroom renovation, or simple, like a fresh coat of paint, there are several factors you must consider to ensure the job gets done correctly without any hassles.

It’s almost always better to employ a professional trades company when work needs to be done. We have put together the following guide to help you choose a residential painting company to give you some indication about what to look for before choosing who to paint during your next home renovation.

1.     Their Location

When you’re looking for painting professionals in your local area, it makes sense to choose someone who lives close to your home. This will result in less time in transit, which makes the job more affordable for painters and yourself. 

Most painting companies will do work out of town, but will add on additional travel and accommodation fees when they can. By hiring a local company, you not only reduce costs, but also ensure the work is completed faster and to a higher standard by someone who hasn’t spent all morning travelling.

2.     The Types Of Paints They Use

If you prefer one brand of paint over another, it’s worth requesting that the painter you employ use that brand especially if the paint is included in the quotation. It’s worth requesting because without your direction, painters may choose to use lower-quality paints to save on costs themselves. Doing so can lead to the release of harmful particles and pollutants in your home environment. Sensitive children, adults and pets could suffer harm if your painter doesn’t use paints with a low VoC.

3.     Their Experience  

Although green painters will assuredly charge you less due to their lack of experience, the trade-off isn’t always worth it. The experience of the painter matters when you want the job done right. Without it, painting can look streaky and brush strokes may be visible. Walls may not be prepared properly or painted unevenly. 

All of these outcomes may leave you feeling regretful that you didn’t hire a painter with experience. Always check a painter’s credentials before you employ them. That way you can rest assured that you’ve hired someone who knows what they’re doing and who can do the job right the first time.

4.     Their Reputation

Before you agree to pay a quoted price for a painting service, do some research into the company and see what kind of feedback their past customers have left for them. If the company you’re researching isn’t online, ask them for a couple of references from previous customers. Any reputable painter will have a couple of contacts who don’t mind you calling them to verify the quality of work completed by your painter.

5.     The Cost of Their Services

Different contractors will charge different rates for painting rooms, entire houses or exteriors. You can leverage this point of difference when receiving quotes from several different painters to get the best price possible. Be sure, though, to evaluate the price in accordance with the quality of work that is produced by your painter.

6.     Their Availability

After you have decided to paint your house, you probably want to get the job finished quickly. It’s best to make sure that your painter has time available during your own available time. Let them know when you need the job done before you ask for a price to make sure that they’re available to help you.

7.     Their License and Insurance

Every business requires a license to work with materials or equipment valued at over $5,000. Without an insurance policy in place, any damage sustained by your house during works completed by a painter are your liability. With insurance, anything that goes wrong is at least covered financially. You should always ask to see a painter’s license and insurance before employing their services.

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