Colour Choice In Residential Painting


When you’re painting your residential property, choosing the right colour has a big impact on the finished product. Your peace of mind and a comfortable living arrangement very much depend on the right product. Choosing the right interior and exterior colour to suit your furnishings, features and furniture is essential to a job well done.

You might need help with colour selection if you have:

  • multiple living rooms
  • multiple dining rooms 
  • or other small rooms that need to be painted. 

Paint colours come in a range of darker shades and lighter shades. They can complement or contrast with other features in your house. Different colours evoke different emotions and can make spaces feel lighter or heavier, depending on the paint colours chosen.

There are many colour palettes out there to suit your house. Choosing the right one can be done several ways. 

  1. A do it yourself job using colours available at paint shop or Bunnings. 
  2. Using a professional colour consultant hired from a major paint shop or Bunnings. 
  3. Relying on your local professional painting service representative to choose a colour for you.

Choose Your Own Tone

You’ll certainly have the most control over the colour selection process if you simply go to a paint distributor. You may pick up a colour palette and choose a tone yourself. The range of colours available, however, can be overwhelming. 

There are many subtle varieties of paint colours available to purchase. This method is the most affordable. There are no fees if you choose your own colour, however the process of trial and error while selecting the right paint may be painstaking.

Hire A Professional Colour Consultant

A professional colour consultant knowingly inspects your property with a colour palette in hand. They will match the existing furniture, home features, furnishings and natural lighting to a paint colour or colours. They will sustain a particular theme or mood with their choice. An interior designer or colour consultant might suggest a feature wall or two-tone colour scheme. 

Depending on your house, the sky is really the limit when it comes to choosing a paint colour solutions. This method may be the most expensive when it comes to choosing a colour scheme for your house. A colour consultant will cost approximately $195 per hour in New South Wales.

Your trusted local colour consultant will understand what mood is evoked by different palettes on the colour spectrum. They will know how to deliver a pleasing aesthetic that suits the interior of your house.

Trust Your Local Painting Service, Sydney

The third and final alternative to colour selection you have is to rely on the advice of your trusted local painter. With years and years of experience in the business, a professional painter like DC Painting Services can give you good advice. They will easily be able to select the colours that are most suitable for your house. We will identify recent trends in colour choice and will work with the owner of the property to select the most popular colour.

Contact DC Painting Services Today

If you’re choosing the right colour to paint your home, feel free to contact DC Painting Services today. Ask for a colour consultant when you call. We’re also able to service new builds. 

We’ve been working in residential painting for over ten years now. We understand what it takes to produce a stunning interior and exterior aesthetic using colour.

We’re available from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 7am and 10pm, and are eagerly awaiting your call. Contact us on 0479 122 552 to discuss choosing the right colour for your home. We’re always happy to take your call and will gladly answer any questions that you have.