How Long Should Exterior Paint Last


Exterior paint could last up to a decade. However, sun damage and harsh weather elements can accelerate the changes and degradation of paint. For example, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can accelerate the degradation of chemical compounds present in paint. The result could be the quick loss of colour and lustre (which is more noticeable in dark paints than light ones). Other results could be blistering and chalking, which both affect the aesthetic integrity of the paint.

How long should exterior paint last

If the appearance is already bad or intolerable, it’s time to do a repaint to give the building exterior a refreshing look. Even with regular maintenance, it’s inevitable that a few or several cracks, peels and damages will appear. After all, the exterior paint is exposed 24/7 to moisture, sunlight and wind.

Because of the need for the inevitable repaint of the building exterior, it makes sense then to anticipate the costs. Whether it’s a new paint or repaint, the costs heavily depend on the size of the structure, surface conditions, construction material and level of detail. These factors then dictate the amount of paint and the length of time to complete the paint job.

When it comes to the final pricing, it’s far from straightforward because the complexity and building structure and condition vary from property to property. There’s also that needed preparation which will vary depending on the surface and building material. There may be some professionals who could give you an estimate per square metre, but in the end the final pricing could be totally far from that.

The final pricing may vary widely whether it’s for a new structure or a repaint job. In the latter, if there were regular touch ups made in the past, the necessary repaint might be minimal. It truly makes a difference to hire a professional painter before any serious damage or deterioration occurs. In the long run it will save you on costs while making the surfaces’ aesthetic integrity intact for years to come.

Another factor that could affect the total costs is about your preference. For example, you might prefer the application of environment-friendly paints (e.g. with low VOC content). If you’re worried about your garden (when rainwater washes off the exterior surface) or the environment in general, it’s important to be aware of the chemical content of the paint.

In addition, it’s also likely that you prefer a certain paint brand. Perhaps that preference came from the trust and confidence you already have for that brand. It’s possible that it’s the paint brand you’re used to and has been used on your dwelling or asset. Brand loyalty is also a factor because the paint is already proven and you’ve seen great results already (hard to risk with something else).

Those are just some of the considerations when painting the exterior of a dwelling and commercial structure. For tailored advice for your project, you can contact us here at DC Painting Services.