Is a DIY Paint Job a Good Idea?


Perhaps you have a lot of free time this weekend so you’re thinking of painting the rooms and house all by yourself. Whether it’s just a repaint or there’s an area that needs a new coating, you feel that urge to do something about it.

Is a DIY paint job a good idea?

However, house painting is not as simple as dipping the brush and then letting it colour the walls. You have to buy the right paint and the right amounts, get and use the right tools, protect your furniture and other items, prepare for paint splashes and clean them up later, inspect and prepare the surfaces to be painted and finally spend hours and days in a physically uncomfortable position and make sure that the results will be smooth and excellent. It’s actually a complex and time-consuming task with a risk of total failure if you make a single mistake.

In contrast, if you let a professional do it you’ll spare yourself from costly and painful mistakes and potential exhaustion. Well, perhaps you’re in a hurry and you have nothing better to do so you still want to do it yourself. However, the mistakes will be time consuming and later you might eventually decide to hire a professional to correct the mistakes. Also, a professional can complete the job promptly and efficiently. Once it’s done, it’s done already and you can move on to something else.

While the professional is working, you can put your attention somewhere else such as in tending your garden, preparing the meals, cleaning the house, repairing what’s broken and anything that should and could be done in your home. At the end of the day you actually get more things done because the paint job was taken cared of and you worked on things you’re good at.

Here at DC Painting Services we want our customers to focus on something else and be surprised with the results at the end of the day or project. We just work quietly and efficiently and make sure everything is neat and as expected. Contact us today and we can promptly inspect the site and give you a professional quote (with complete details about the job cost).