What are the Good Colours for Kitchens?


Popular choices are green, blue, yellow, gray, white and red. However, the right shade and the colours of the kitchen cabinets, floors, backsplash and other surfaces can be hard to figure out. We have to know that perfect combination so that everything is complementary and consistent.

What are the good colours for kitchens?

It’s not as simple as choosing a colour or a theme for a bedroom. After all, bedrooms have a simple layout and fewer appliances and objects to think about compared to kitchens. Here we can find more than a dozen different objects and surfaces. Everything should fit together to create a pleasant and comfortable appearance.

It also gets tricky when picking just the right shade. Often expectations don’t match reality and what you see online or on the samples might turn out to be totally different once the paint dries on the wall. As a result, it’s crucial to hire experienced professionals so that what you expect and visualise will closely match the outcome.

What about the colour trends and your personality (minimalist, traditional, ecological or country style)? These can roughly guide you or give you a small hint on what colours to choose. That’s because you have to consider other factors such as how natural and artificial light comes through the kitchen, how the surfaces and fixtures are arranged and how they create a consistent theme along with the rest of the house.

What about the emotions that colours convey? Green and brown immediately signals nature (the colour of trees and forests). Red can mean boldness and appetite (which is why many restaurants have red themes). White is about cleanliness, minimalism and simplicity. Yellow is often used to make the space look bigger and brighter. But as mentioned, it still depends on picking just the right shade and making sure everything looks great together.

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